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Facial Toner- What is it? And why you need it?

I am often surprised by the people who have access to luxurious serums and creams and yet don’t know the importance of the humble- Toner. Even if they do know they are almost always confused about why this needs to be an important step in their skincare routine. To be honest I was one of those people at some point, so I thought I need to share my knowledge about this misunderstood skincare staple.

Skincare Essential - The Facial Toner, What is a toner, Reasons to incorporate a Toner into your skin care routine. Best toners in India

Skincare Essential – The Facial Toner

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OMG! Parabens

Anyone who knows anything about cosmetics or skin care will slightly cringe at the mention of Parabens. Lately there has been so much chatter about it from both sides, one that claims it to be safe and the others that claim it to be terribly dangerous. Many boutique brands claim themselves to be paraben- free, almost bragging about it along with buzz words like Organic & Ayurvedic, affirming themselves as healthy and clean. But is that true? What is one to believe?

For the longest time I was completely ignorant about Parabens  until one day,  Ms.Super Consumer questioned my choices of online shampoo purchase! I did some research and here is what I found out.


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Not Just Water!

Let’s talk about the new sensation that has hit the market – Thermal Spring Water. When I first heard of this, I thought clever marketing could sell us just about anything! But then I did some research to understand what is the big deal about this and here are my findings.

What is Thermal Spring Water?

Normal water turns into its fancier counterpart the thermal spring water when it journeys through the great depths of rocky mountains and eventually resurfaces. Through this process the water becomes rich in minerals and carbon dioxide. It is essentially mineral water with healing properties and is purer because pollution is yet to come in contact with it. It is said to contain many benefiting minerals and therapeutic salts.

Reading up on this reminded me of a trip I took to a village in Himachal when I was in school. The family we stayed with had a Baoli (a step well), which had water coming in from the mountains clean enough to drink without purification. The city bred brat that I was… I couldn’t fathom the fact that, this water; that has come in contact with rocks & soil can be directly consumed, so I went whining  to mom complaining that they didn’t have an Aqua Guard! Fast forward 20 years, and here I am talking about the benefits of the same. Ironic !

not just water

Thermal Spring Water 

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Clinique’s Three Step Skin Care System – It actually works!

We live in times where we are constantly overloaded with information about products which make too-good-to-be-true claims and take complete advantage of the gullible consumer in us. But when, one such product actually works (Ughh…let’s be realistic, does even half of what it says) I for one am beyond just delighted!

Today I am going to write about my experience using the Clinique’s Three Step Skin Care System.


The best way to start and end your day—#3Step #Clinique

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