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Daiso | Beauty Haul

This word “Daiso” brings such immense happiness to me, perhaps because it helps fuel my endless consumerism! For those of you who are not aware, Daiso is a Japanese 100 Yen¬†store¬†(100 Yen = 60 INR approx), kind of like an american dollar store; with an endless variety of goods at very -very economical costs. My first Daiso Experience was at Singapore at the Vivocity Mall and I wanted to buy the whole store! I had purchased a¬†mix of stationary, home goods and candy then.¬†Its been a while since I have been using that stuff and I have realised in spite of being exceptionally economical they are of great quality. So a few months back my (very accommodating) friend Nidhi,¬†author of Motoholic Works (check out her blog for some amazing motorcycle artwork) was travelling to India from Japan and asked me whether I wanted some stuff from Japan. Obviously I did and I gave her a gigantic¬†– overwhelmingly long list of Diaso products and she got it all!

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